There isn’t a problem …

… when you follow the instructions it rejects you and the form expires and you can’t do anything except … call the help line!

First time I got referred to another helpline, or rather to a number that didn’t work. Second time around, the agent transferred me to a third agent. I still don’t know what the correct number is.

The third agent took my name, address, PAYE reference, Accounts Office reference (which is on the yellow paying-in book, as the web-site said and consists of three digits, two alphas, six digits) and then said “What you have to do is add two zeroes between the alphas and the last six digits of the accounts office reference.”

I see, said I – so following the instructions on screen doesn’t work. Is this being fixed or am I the first person to have this problem?

“You are not the first.”

So, I asked – how long has this problem been known about?

“I’m not able to disclose that information.”

OK, let’s put it this way – do you often get calls from people who can’t register?

“I’m not able to disclose that information either.”

So, there’s a problem with …

“I didn’t say there is a problem. There isn’t a problem. The system is fine. The PAYE people put the extra digits in when they entered your reference code.”

I see.

On a related subject:
“Government, political and public services websites are relatively large, approximately equal in size with the average UK FTSE 100 corporate website. The average UK corporate website when tested by B2W had 85 errors; the government average was 600 – nearly 7 times as many. The number of site warnings was also significantly higher, and (the) server was slower.” – Business2www report (Website tests and ranking for the Major UK Central Govt. Websites, April 2003).