How not to deliver customer service

(Or save money)!

First thing I get is a phone call (costing, what, £1.50 to the Council – a back office worker, not a contact centre). Thank you for your letter. We’ll put it in the pending file and when we get to the date it mentions, we’ll process it.

I see.

Then I get a business rates notification for the period starting April 1st. No overlap at all. Nor any cross-reference with the person who phoned me, obviously. Cost – probably another 50p or so.

At least I get the reminder that I should be cancelling my Direct Debit Just In Case – they might forget about my letter, mightn’t they?

So I get a letter saying “We notice that you’ve cancelled your direct debit. It may be that you’re moving, in which case please send us the following information:” – followed by an accurate description of the contents of the letter I’d already sent them, that they had on file, which they were not going to read until after I’d moved. Cost – let’s be charitable and call it another 50p.

You’ve guessed. I have to phone them (another £1.50) to tell them about the letter I sent them and explain that, no, I won’t be sending another one.

But we have to do it this way – it is a standard procedure.

Postscript: a bundle of specially printed paying-in slips for me to not use when I don’t pay the council tax that I don’t owe.