Edinburgh Book Festival

Join the queue for online ticketing

I wanted to attend an event at the Edinburgh Book Festival (Paul Auster).

To book tickets online you have to use their phone/counter/web ‘queue management system’ (honestly). To do that you have to register by submitting a login form with an empty password field. It responded to that by saying that my login is not registered (honestly).

I sent the form in again with my choice of password … and it replied by saying my password is not registered (honestly). Eventually, after approaching the problem from a number of angles, I gave up. When I next opened outlook, there were six separate emails asking me to click a link to authenticate my registration. I only clicked one of them but it did say that I could, if I still wanted to, join today’s queue. I did and was told I was sixth in the queue. Then it said that the Auster event was sold out.

Edinburgh Book Festival

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